ExtraHop Networks is an enterprise cyberspace analytics company based in Seattle, Washington. ExtraHop helps organizations understand and secure their environments by analyzing all network interactions in real time and leveraging machine learning to identify threats, deliver critical and top-of-the-line applications. Secure privacy into cloud integration.

ExtraHop sells products for IT Operations and Security use cases. The company launched Reveal (x) network traffic analytics for its Security Operations teams in 2018. Later that year ExtraHop launched a Reveal (x) solution for Microsoft Azure, a security product for Azure cloud platform.

At the core of the ExtraHop technology is a passive networking device that uses network touches or port mirroring to receive network traffic and then real-time real-time redistribution to extract corresponding protocol-level metrics. application and other custom-specified information included in the payload transaction. A subset of these metrics are sent to the cloud where they are used as machine learning features to proactively detect anomalies that could indicate data breaches, ransomware, and threats. other as well as performance issues.

ExtraHop’ devices can be deployed on-premises or in public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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VIETNET Distribution JSC is currently the official distributor of ExtraHop in Vietnam. Comprehensive solutions include inspection, security, and vision. This brochure will introduce you all over video, IOT…In addition, the documentation includes security checks, security resilience and intelligent threats.