Server Security

The server system is a very important component that directly affects the operation, even productivity of the organization / enterprise. The server is essentially a computer capable of handling requests for data such as email, web applications, databases, and publicly available services. Since servers store valuable information, they always become the focus that attackers want to text. In addition, the attackers can disable or even hijack the important servers of the organization / business, causing operational impacts (email disruption systems, gateways). information is disabled, access to data servers is interrupted) and even affect the reputation as well as cause great losses for organizations / businesses. Therefore, the protection for these servers is an urgent requirement and should be done as soon as possible.

In addition, the use of virtualization platforms to optimize server performance is becoming more and more popular in organizations / businesses, but the management and control of assets in this virtualized system is often not. is taken seriously and implemented, this partly leads to the risks related to data breaches

Server Security solution is a dedicated solution to protect physical and virtual server systems from virus / malware threats, forms of data exploitation and unauthorized intrusion, management. , control virtual machines and data inside the organization / enterprise virtualization platform.

server security


Main features of the solution

In order to protect physical and virtual server systems, Server Security solutions need the following important security features:

  • Threat prevention: this feature is responsible for protecting the server system / virtualization from threats related to viruses, malware, ransomsware …
  • Intrusion Prevention: This feature allows to prevent all forms of zero-day attacks from entering the host / virtualization system through forms such as network connections, applications and executable files.
    • Protection for Web servers:
      • Filtering HTTP requests to prevent DoS attacks or outbound directory transmission.
      • Use a dedicated set of policies to prevent attacks and data theft.
    • Database server protection:
      • Checks SQL queries to prevent attacks that bypass this route, eg SQL Injection.
      • Use a dedicated policy set to ensure no anomalies and prevent data tampering.

Full support for virtualization platforms: supports asset protection and control across all popular virtualization platforms such as VMWare, OpenStack, Hyper-V, and Citrix XenDesktop.