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For a long time, email has become an important communication and exchange tool in the lives of individuals and organizations. For business businesses, the role of email is enormous. With the proliferation of digital, threats are also growing day by day.

In its 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report, Verizon found that 49% of malware was installed on users’ devices via email. Advanced threats (such as ransomware and corporate email phishing) easily slip through blocking mechanisms such as Signature-based or Reputation- based that a Secure Mail Gateway device transmits. commonly used.

According to FBI estimates, email fraud is estimated to have damaged $ 675 million with 15670 incidents in 2017. Of which, about $ 3.1 billion were requested by cybercriminals to transfer via email using fake email. look for high-level positions. The total number of corporate email fraud cases nearly doubled from May to December last year, to 40,203 cases from 22,143.

According to statistics, in Vietnam, 96% of businesses use email as the main communication tool at work and the biggest problem that most businesses encounter is poor security email system, regular email. be interrupted, not receiving important messages as well as outgoing mail not reaching the recipient; Frequent spamming, or even system failure to use, data loss or more serious data theft.

Protection of enterprise email systems has become imperative and a top concern as cyber attacks are increasing, becoming more sophisticated and complex.


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Introducing Secure Email Gateway

  • Provide total security system for Email service from security risks and threats of all business sizes.
  • Help prevent the above threats providing total security for Email service from security risks and threats of all sizes of enterprises, prevent loss of sensitive data and help maintain regulations on compliance.
  • Provide advanced email management features such as encryption, set policies to allow sending / receiving Email.
  • Can be deployed in many different forms (hardware, virtual machine, on public cloud or hosted cloud) with different performance and can serve any organization with different sizes – from enterprises small to medium sized businesses, service providers and large enterprises.

The main features that the Secure Email Gateway solution brings:

  • AntiVirus: support to detect and remove virus on email. Virus samples are continuously updated by the network threats analysis center.
  • Advanced-Malware-Protection: Ability to integrate with malware analyzer to detect and eliminate zeroday attack caused by malware types.
  • Identity Based Encryption: Based on this mechanism Secure Email Gateway allows to deploy Email encryption flexibly and efficiently.
  • Archive Policy: controls email retention based on Content Policy.
  • Anti-DoS: limit the speed of sending both inbound and outbound mail.
  • Mail queue management.
  • Store, monitor log, and report multiple devices on a single centralized log management system.

In addition, the Secure Email Gateway solution also supports security through advanced features:

  • Multi-layered AntiSpam: Spam filtering mechanism through multiple layers of filtering such as IP assessment, domain name, DRMAC check, DKIM, SPF, signature, keywords, image analysis, embedded URI and advanced techniques. like behavior analysis and anti-spam protection.
  • Virus & Spam Outbreak Protection: Suspicious attachments will be blocked until
  • Impersonation Analysis: Prevent attacks of impersonating high-level characters (C-levels) of the business by checking the match between Display name and header address in mail.
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR): removes malicious components and keeps content safe in attachments.
  • Click Protection: Rewrite the URL contained in the email to point the connection to the Secure Email Gateway. When the user accesses these URLs, it will be used again through the Secure Email Gateway.
  • Benefits of using the solution

Secure Email Gateway solution helps to secure corporate mail system. Minimize information security risks through Email. In addition, there are some other benefits as follows:

  • Comprehensive spam and virus scan through various filtering features to protect your business from email threats (99.8% effective)
  • Supports integration with log management components for an integrated view of enterprise-wide security
  • Supports integration with malware analyzer to generate and share threat information on the attack surface for a more proactive security posture.


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