Firewall (Firewall) is a basic security tool, essential for every organization and business. However, in the context of today’s changing threats, a new generation firewall (also known as NGFW) is born to improve and enhance the protection for the network.

What is NGFW?

According to Gartner, NGFW is a firewall device capable of deep analysis in the packet (Deep-Packet-Inspection), not just limited to analysis and prevention at the Port and Protocol level. NGFW is capable of analyzing at application level (Layer 7 – Application Layer according to OSI model), capable of preventing intrusion and updating database of information about external threats.

Difference between NGFW and traditional Firewall

Like the name suggests, NGFW is a modern, more advanced version of the traditional Firewall and they provide the same basic effects as Firewall. Like normal Firewall, NGFW supports both Static Packet Filtering and Dynamic Packet Filtering (Dynamic Packet Filtering) and VPN connection to ensure all connections between the internal network and the internet through the Firewall are matched. and safety. Both types of firewalls can switch the network and the port to map IP to each other.

There are also basic differences between Firewall and NGFW. The most obvious difference between these two types of Firewall is that NGFW also has the ability to filter packets based on the application. NGFW has broader control and application recognition capabilities using digital matching and analysis techniques. NGFW can use Whitelist (Whitelist) or Signature-based IPS to distinguish between secure and insecure applications, which are then identified by decryption technique. SSL. Unlike most traditional firewalls, NGFW also has the ability to update patches, threat information databases and attacks to promptly update and improve protection. network.


Benefits of using NGFW

NGFW’s distinct features create a unique benefit for Companies that use them. NGFW can block malware from entering the network, which the traditional Firewall will never be able to do. NGFW is better equipped to address new radical threats (APT). NGFW can be an affordable choice for Companies that want to improve their basic security because NGFW can combine the work of anti-virus software, firewalls, and security applications. another secret into a solution. These features include application recognition, analysis, as well as protection systems and cognitive tools that provide visible benefits to the Organization and Enterprises.

The importance of NGFW

Firewall equipment is an almost mandatory requirement for any organization or enterprise. In today’s environment, the equipment of NGFW is equally important. Threats to personal devices and networks are growing day by day. With NGFW flexibility, it is capable of protecting devices and network systems from a wider range of intrusions. Although NGFW is not the right solution for all organizations and businesses, but companies need to seriously consider the benefits that NGFW brings, because they are really effective compared to cost. out.


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