Network Security

Network Security or Network Infrastructure Security is a term that describes security tools, tactics, and policies designed to monitor, prevent, and respond to unauthorized network intrusions, while also protecting them. Digital assets, including network traffic. Network security encompasses hardware and software technologies (including resources such as savvy security analysts, hunters, incident responders, etc.) and is designed to cope with the full spectrum of potential threat targeting your network


NGFW is a firewall device capable of deep in-packet analysis (Deep-Packet-Inspection), not just limited to the analysis and prevention at the Port and Protocol level. NGFW is capable of analyzing at application level (Layer 7 – Application Layer according to OSI model), capable of preventing intrusion and updating database of information about external threats.

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INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM (IPS) is an extensively developed system based on the capabilities of Intrusion Detection System (IDS), serving the basic purpose of monitoring network and system traffic. system. What makes IPS more advanced than IDS systems is that the IPS is located directly on the network (inline) so they have the ability to prevent malicious activities from happening in real time.

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Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking also known as SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area network, is a technique that uses software to establish connections for wide area (WAN) networks, helping they become smarter and more flexible.

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Secure Web Gateway prevents users from accessing malicious websites on the internet or cloud applications that could infect their devices with malicious code. to the Company’s intranet. In addition, the Secure Web Portal helps to ensure that users accessing the internet comply with the policies set forth by the Organization and the Enterprise.

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Web Isolation is a solution that doesn’t need to impact users’ workstations yet allow them to securely access the internet, on any device and any browser. Instead of relying on malware detection, Web Isolation solution protects the end user from network attacks by isolating / isolating malware and preventing it from reaching the browser. of the user. Typical is the ability to protect employees from accessing unclassified websites and high risk of infection.

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