What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

Identity and access management solution provides centralized management of user information, thereby providing a variety of forms to identify and identify users accessing system resources.

The solution supports user identification and authentication through many ways such as one-time authentication, authentication via Web Portal, two-factor authentication.



The importance of Identity and Access Management solutions:

  • Access to the intranet and the Internet through the network infrastructure is indispensable for the daily operations of an enterprise network. However, what is more important is providing access security by allowing the right people at the right time to access the system.
  • The identity and access management solution provides the same control as a gateway that allows the authentication and identification of users accessing each network partition in the enterprise system.
  • In addition, with the ability to integrate with many systems providing information for user authentication such as (Active Directory, LDAP Authentication System, RADIUS Server, Certificate) solution helps to provide tools to manage human information. Unified use supports centralized administration for identification purposes and access management within the system.


Some of the main features of the Identity and Access Management solution:

  • Integrated authentication through RADIUS and LDAP: Implementing features such as RADIUS and LDAP Server, providing user authentication interfaces.
  • Allow users to self-register and recover passwords: Limit the influence of administrators on user self-registration of accounts and restore passwords when needed.
  • Certificate management: Centralized management of certificates, providing Certificate authentication for secure access (eg VPN Client to Site).
  • 802.1X Authentication: Provides the ability to control devices and users from the moment they access the network infrastructure (wired or wireless infrastructure), preventing unauthorized access from being authenticated.