Device Sandbox is a very important technology in securing the computer and restricting access to system resources of external applications.

Currently, virus software and reading code are causing many companies and businesses to worry because they affect so much confidential and private company documents. But the problem now is that users are very worried about their antivirus program is not powerful enough, so you can install some extra layers of protection for your computer by installing a sandbox application. When applications on your computer are supported by a properly sandboxing device, they safely effectively protect against malware that normal virus tools do not detect.

Sandbox Equipment
a /. Overview

What is Sandbox? Sandbox is a form of software virtualization that allows you to run software and applications in a virtual space to isolate its own environment. Of course, the software inside the sandbox will have limited access rights as well as decide to interfere with the computer to make permanent changes to a certain browser.

And we also understand that, everything that happens in the sandbox takes place in the sandbox only, does not affect other files. These applications now have sandbox software pre-installed to fight viruses and malware, besides, you can also create your own Sandbox environment to test and analyze a certain software when you are not sure if they will harm your computer or not.

b /. Sandbox’s role

In addition to protecting the files and data in your computer, the sandbox also helps to limit the functionality of malicious code, authorizing certain code to have only certain functions, from there. cannot perform other interventions.

For example, the sandbox’s main role is the web browser that you use every day, because nowadays internet users have been growing rapidly in the community protecting your computer from other threats. Out is more important. Websites that users access are restricted and run only in the browser and can only interfere with a small portion of system resources. If the website is not restricted in this sandbox environment, once you miss the website containing this malicious code, the risk of your computer being infected is very high.

Popular today is that Google Chrome and Internet Explorer both run away the sandbox field, but unfortunately another popular browser today is Firefox but does not apply this security technology.

c / The browsers currently use software sandbox device

  1. To protect users, there are quite a few browsers now using sandbox equipment, including:
  2. PDF, Microsoft Office: PDF file reader Adobe Reader also runs PDF files in the Sandbox environment, preventing them from accessing the computer system. In particular, these Office tools of Microsoft can also be put in sandbox mode to prevent unsafe marco from entering the computer.
  3. Browser plug-in: Content that the browser plug-in loads – such as Flash or Silverlight – is also run in the Sandbox environment. Playing a flash game on the web will be safer than downloading a game running as a normal application, because Flash will isolate the game from the computer system as well as restrict access to the system of the computer. that game.
    Mobile applications: Current operating systems such as iOS, Windows, and Android all run applications in a sandbox environment. In addition, the fact that each application runs in its own Sandbox environment will prevent these applications from interfering with each other.
  4. Windows application: If you are using the functions of User Account Control on Windows, it also means you are applying Sandbox for security, although this application is low level. Basically, these functions are just asking if you allow an application to access the file system or not.
  5. Websites: The web browsers you use will isolate the web pages it loads. Website can run JavaScript code, but this code cannot do anything they want. If JavaScript tries to access data that you store on the machine, the request for access will be immediately denied.

Software or sandbox device supports more than 110% of the licensed version

As anti-virus software or malware spread on the network, the sandbox is no exception. But the special feature of the official licensed versions of sandbox equipment is that you will have 110% of the ability to protect and secure the company’s data, because with the copyrighted version, you will always With support from suppliers or genuine production 24/7 with an enthusiastic and dedicated team. Not only that, but you are also updated with the latest news and versions without having to re-download many times every time a new version is available.

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Threat Protection is a threat we often see in most Hacker attacks, a Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection solution will combat and suppress targeted attacks, coordinated through malware is dispersed.

In the past few years, many major brands, major companies and government agencies have become headlines, not for some post-economic recovery or innovative product, but for huge data breaches. Over 100 million customers have their personal information and / or credit cards stolen through one of these bold and lengthy attacks. These attacks attract the attention of consumers, lawmakers, and the media as they violate very large organizations with dedicated security teams and designed infrastructure. to keep hackers evading. No one is immune – small organizations are also targets, either as part of a larger coordinated attack, or through a variety of distributed malware.

What is Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection?

a / Advanced threats require advanced threat protection

There is no “silver bullet” to protect organizations against the above types of advanced targeted attacks. The rapid innovation of malware ahead, frequent zero-day attacks, and new evasion techniques can make any approach ineffective in preventing intrusions. enter accordingly. Instead, the most effective defense is built on a cohesive and scalable protection framework that extends from the cloud to the data center and all through the end user device. This framework incorporates existing security capabilities, emerging technologies and customized learning mechanisms that generate and deliver secure intelligence made possible from recently discovered threats. real time. And it has to coordinate security components from multiple vendors, so the entire infrastructure can act as a single entity to protect the organization.

b / A simple framework for complex threats

Fortinet’s Advanced Ingress Protection Framework consists of three elements:

  • Blocking – Implement known threats and information
  • Detection – Identify unknown threats and distribute intelligence network
  • Mitigation – Respond to potential incidents

This framework is simple in concept; It includes a wide range of advanced and traditional tools for networking, endpoint application and security, threat detection, and incident response. These tools are backed by powerful research and threaten the ability of intelligence to convert information from various sources into possible protection. Although framework elements (even the technologies in them) can operate in the void, organizations will achieve stronger protection if they are used together as part of the solution. integrated and automated security solutions.

c / Fortinet Solutions Together Provides Better Protection

A collection of personal security products, however powerful, cannot provide the best security if they are acting in isolation. Each part of the solution should be perceived by the others and work together as a single entity to provide optimal protection. Furthermore, that entity must combine highly effective global and local intelligence to deal with the latest threats. Fortinet combines the intelligence of FortiGuard Labs into FortiGate’s next-generation firewall, as well as internal split firewall, FortiMail secure email gateways, FortiWeb web application firewall, FortClient endpoint security, streaming FortiSandbox’s advanced threat present and other security products in its ecosystem to continuously optimize and improve the security level of each organization. More importantly, named products also share traffic information and execution capabilities directly through an open API, for instant and automated feedback.

d / Handoffs – Missing Links

The most important feature of Fortinet’s Great Threat Protection Framework – one of the shortcomings of organizations’ security implementations – is the concept of handover, beyond any particular technology or element. . Advanced threat protection depends on a variety of safety technologies, products, services, and research, with different roles. To be most effective, they must perceive and communicate with each other on an ongoing basis, distributing data from one person to another. As shown in Figure 2, the redundancy phase, Element 1, removes high-risk items to the detection phase, Element 2, with previously unknown threats given in Element 3 for segregation gain or decrease further. Finally, the intelligence threat and up-to-date protection from Element 3 are passed on to products in Parts 1 and 2, for the effective cycle of continually improving protection and protection. attacks are increasingly complex.

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