Application Security

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dns security

DNS Security

With the nature of a querying service with a distributed structure, with almost unlimited scalability, the DNS security system was born with the main purpose of retrieving IP addresses from a domain name. Each Website has a name and an IP address. IP addresses consist of 4 groups of numbers separated by dots (IPv4). When you open a Web browser and enter the website name, the browser will go directly to the website without having to enter the site’s IP address.

Database Security

The solution is to monitor the database management system – Database Management System (DBMS) and protect them from external and internal malicious agents even from attacks between databases. 

database security

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions only support application learning (AL) to build their WAF profile to protect web application. This solution provides various application layer protection mechanisms such as cookie and header security, DoS attack protection on application layer, credential stuffing, CSRF protection, etc.

Email Security Gateway

Secure Email Gateway solution helps prevent the above threats to provide total security for Email service from risks and security threats of all sizes of enterprises, prevent loss of sensitive data and help maintain compliance regulations.

Email Security
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DDos Protection

DDOS Protection solution uses the technology to approach DDoS attack according to Stateless level. Different from the traditional approach on Firewall, LB (Load Balancer) devices, or even on Router by Statefull technology. These devices will be limited by the hardware capabilities used to design and manufacture the device.

Email Isolation

Email Isolation help prevent cyber threats from entering users’ workstations through links contained in emails or attachments.

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