Endpoint Security

endpoint protection

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security solution – this software provides comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of customers from individuals to businesses (small to large), government organizations…

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response is an effective detection and response solution that finds advanced threats and eliminates them before they compromise data. Machine learning (both pre-execution and runtime), vulnerability protection, behavioral analysis, application control, and other advanced techniques designed to work seamlessly with endpoint protection your.

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Application Control Desktop

Application Control Desktop is a solution that protects critical system files, configurations, and content across remote and distributed locations by allowing instant change detection and sophisticated alert mechanisms.

Device Control

Device Control is a solution that specifies and categorizes which devices can or cannot be used and executes what data can and can be transferred to devices, in the office, at home or on the go. move.

Device Control
Endpoint Security

Web Control

Web control provides security for administrators that can prevent disabling browser plug-ins, controlling access to websites, pages, and downloads, based on safety ratings or content type. Identify sites that are blocked or allowed, based on URLs and domain names. Customizable notification that appears when a user tries to access a blocked website and generates detailed reports on website usage.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security is to protect all the data on the mobile device and the network connected to the device. Popular mobile devices in the network include smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

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Server Security

Server Security is when your needs fluctuate, our security solution works flexibly without sacrificing performance.

Change Control for Server

Change Control for Server solution eliminates change operations in the server environment that can lead to security breaches, data loss, and power outages. Change control makes it easy to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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