What is NPM – Network Performance Management & Diagnostics?

Network performance management is the task of monitoring the performance of all network components at a granular level, in order to identify local performance bottlenecks and to ensure that the network can operate at a high level. performance as required and helps to reduce potential problems.

Network performance management is critical in ensuring the availability and responsiveness of critical services. Any disruption when occurring can negatively affect productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately the bottom line of the business decline.

Enterprise operating teams often face challenges (often resulting from user complaints about slow network delays) having to quickly identify the source of the problem in a network environment. and the service is extremely complex. Optimizing network performance has almost become a must as companies face increasingly rapid digital transformation, with technologies including data center consolidation, virtualize, move to the cloud, and evolve into complex conversational and collaboration services.

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Netscout’s Network Performance Management solution benefits:

  • Optimize network performance to deliver critical services.
  • Prevent network congestion problems by proactively managing network traffic and bandwidth.
  • Reduce performance problems quickly with intensive TCP packet analysis methods.
  • Improve analytical quality with traffic analysis capabilities, NetFlow and MIB2 in one solution.
  • Manage baseline network traffic and application response times to ensure regular network performance is maintained.
  • Prioritize, adjust traffic and services to utilize system resources.
  • Test and monitor the performance of your wired and wireless network to avoid problems before, during, and after upgrading or modifying your system.
  • Monitor third-party SaaS applications with proactive testing to ensure compliance with service level agreement (SLA).

Key features of Network Performance management:

  • Performance Analysis: An overview of overall service performance vs. responsive requirements to keep your business running across all networks and all platforms.
  • Service Dependency Map: Minimize the risk of network transfer by visualizing invisible client / server relationships.
  • Application analysis: Monitoring screens are individually optimized for each protocol or application, with parameters used to help troubleshoot and improve the user experience.
  • Session Analysis: Displays details of sessions and packets to perform troubleshooting tasks without the need for additional third-party tools.


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