Mobile Device Security

The use of mobile phones for business purposes is becoming more and more popular among organizations. For example, for financial institutions / banks, transactions use mobile phones to take photos of the customer’s identity / passport information and then post them into the system during the registration process. card, open an account. Or Internet service providers, Technical Support engineers use phones to query customers’ information such as name, ID card / passport, home address, contract number … Mobile devices are becoming more and more important in the operation of organizations / businesses, along with the risk of being hacked and exploiting information from these devices is also increasing.

And for large organizations or organizations with many branches around the country, the management and synchronization of policies on mobile devices becomes extremely difficult, this also creates the opportunity for bad stories to be exploited.

Mobile Device Security solution was born to solve this problem. This is a dedicated solution to protect mobile devices of employees in enterprises or organizations from threats from security holes or virus / malware infection on mobile platforms ( Android, iOS) through routes such as apps they download, phishing messages, emails containing phishing content or via the networks they connect to …

mobile security

Main features of the solution

In order to provide comprehensive protection for your organization / business mobile device, the solution requires the following important security features:

  • Mobile protection: this feature allows devices to be always protected in real time from threats related to network attacks such as viruses, malware even when the devices are not connected to the organization’s network system. In addition, the feature also warns users when they connect to unsecured network partitions. And finally, the feature uses application databases to prevent applications from violating the security and privacy of users, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss of the organization.
  • Centralized device management: solution that allows organizations / enterprises to manage all their mobile devices on a single administration interface. In addition, the solution provides assessments and reports on security and security status on mobile devices to help organizations / businesses detect threats early and handle them before they have a chance to impact. system.