Next-Generation SIEM
Modernization detects your threats


Detect, prioritize and disable network threats that penetrate the periphery or originate from within.


Intrusion going on, threats popping up, let’s see how quickly detecting works and disabling them.
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Security Analysis

LogRhythm Criteria: To minimize complex tasks so that administrators can see more, impact more and protect more.

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Security Intelligence

Modernize your security hub operations with the unified and unified platform of the LogRhythm system.
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Log Management

Find information fast with the Elasticsearch ™ numbering tier, LogRhythm’s BigData data analytics platform
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Network Monitoring and Investigation

Detect network threats with real-time monitoring and Big Data analysis. Provides insight into incident response and investigation systems
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Terminal Monitoring and Investigation

The protection of edge devices is no longer sufficient, real-time terminal monitoring can help detect advanced attacks and internal threats.

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Security Overview
Detect, respond to, and disable network threats before they damage your business.

Threat Management

Using LogRhythm’s incident response process helps to efficiently resolve problems with optimal time.

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Analyze User Behavior

Clarify stolen information and internal threats with behavioral analysis and user-based self-learning.

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Detect Network Threats

Exposed advanced malware, detects zero-day attacks, identifies compromised systems and blocks threats.

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Detection in Terminal

Intrusion detection and suspicious activity with real-time monitoring of your terminal system.

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Detecting Cyber Crime

Configure and monitor your IT systems to provide a comprehensive view of unusual and malicious activities.

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Threats Detection Technology

Coordinate 3rd party threat detection technologies with data from customer systems.

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Analyze Fake Information

Gather valuable data on attackers using Honeypots and analytics to document emerging threats.

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Data Integrity Monitoring

Protect important files. Alerts about malicious behaviors associated with registry changes, inappropriate file access, and theft of sensitive data.

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Security Operating Center

Build an advanced security operations center to effectively detect and respond to attacks targeting your organization.

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Meet the standards
Your organization faces exceptional response standards. LogRhythm helps you deal with them by providing standards-response automation suites that address many common legal frameworks.


Meet FISMA requirements and reduce your costs with FISMA reporting packages.

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GPG 13

Automated Log management system, indexing structure optimized for GPG 13 and performing real-time analysis to find unresponsive areas.

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Use surveys, reports and alarm rules to identify the conditions that affect your ePHI data in real time.

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ISO 2700

Use surveys, reports, and alarm rules to identify conditions that affect your ePHI data in real time.

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Categorize, define and standardize data for analysis and reporting. Identify the most important issues and inform the relevant staff.

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Use investigations, alarms, and reports that are associated with resource types that need to meet PCI DSS.

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Enhance security and conform to SOX standards while reducing costs with preconfigured reporting packages.

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Define clear GLBA fulfillment requirements including financial information, insurance information and documentation.

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201 CMR 17.00

To ensure compliance with the requirements of 201 CMR 17, information systems and applications are monitored in real time. LogRhythm provides AI Engine, Alarm, Investigation, Reporting, Alert Packs and Log Tracking capabilities.

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DoDi 8500.2

LogRhythm provides support to meet the Dodi 8.500.2 standard by storing and monitoring Logs in real time, automating the ability to easily categorize, identify, standardize data, analyze and report easily. more than ever.

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NRC RG 5.71

Licensed Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) provides high assurance that computers and digital communications and network systems are fully protected against cyber attacks.

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The Network Security Framework (NIST) Institute of Technology (CSF) sets information security standards and guidelines for critical infrastructure as set out in Ordinance 13.636 from the President of the United States.

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NIST 800-53

NIST 800-53 requires the organization to implement and implement procedures for capturing, monitoring, evaluating the efficiency, and recording Log data.

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NEI 08-09 Rev 6

In the nonspecific regulatory guidance specified in 10 CFR 73.54, the Atomic Energy Institute (NEI) develops and publishes NEI 08-09 Rev 6 to cover many areas around traceability control. Access, inspection and audit, incident response, system integrity testing and information.

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Industry Overview
Regardless of your industry, you don’t always want your company to fall victim to data breaches. LogRhythm helps you protect against cutting-edge threats, meet industry-specific standards, and understand your IT environment and structure.

Banking and Finance

Strictly meets PCI DSS, SOX and GLBA compliance requirements.

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Energy and Utilities

Meet compliance with the most secure details, including NERC CIP, NRC and NEI even for devices that are difficult to collect data like SCADA.

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Helps you protect patient data and meet a wide range of standards such as HIPAA, HITECH and state regulations.

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LogRhythm can support extensive and complex environments dedicated to education.

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Public Area

Meet the requirements for performance and efficiency with a unified security platform. For individually classified environments, LogRhythm supports one-way communication.

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Retail and Service

Protect your business from damaging intrusions and meet today’s broad security compliance requirements.

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