​We have some exciting news to share. Many of you have learned about our latest UEBA solution, LogRhythm CloudAI, by attending our monthly PartnerRhythm webinars. We want you, our partners, to learn that LogRhythm CloudAI has been formally announced on 11 October 2017.
According to Research and Markets, the UEBA market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 47.1% through 2021. At the same time, Gartner predicts that the UEBA market will disappear by 2022 with UEBA solutions becoming next generation SIEM platforms, with advanced analytics and smarter orchestration and response. LogRhythm is already there and with our CloudAI release, we are making UEBA even better.
​LogRhythm CloudAI enables you to quickly capture this opportunity. LogRhythm customers running 7.3 or greater can be up and running on CloudAI in less than an hour and seeing results within one day to achieve…

  • Advanced threat detection incident response through self-evolving artificial intelligence
  • Infinitely scalable analytics via the cloud
  • Detection and response to user and entity-based threats
  • Maximized analyst efficiency with continuous, automated analytics

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  • Resources include the press release, videos, data sheet, customer presentation, an in-depth partner FAQ, Threat Lifecycle Management with LogRhythm CloudAI brochure and PartnerRhythm webinar recordings

Access Selling Resources
Hear from the LogRhythm Product Team by registering to attend one of our upcoming customer webinars:

  • November 2 @ 7:00 AM Singapore Time
  • November 7 @ 10:00 PM Singapore Time

If you can’t make the dates/timings, the link to the on-demand version will be sent to you after registration.
Visit LogRhythm.com now to learn more about LogRhythm CloudAI
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