Bad actors operating in your network with compromised user credentials, or rogue insiders accessing sensitive data, evade detection from a range of network security controls. Your security controls are not able to stop them:

  • Perimeter devices don’t block bad actors using stolen credentials (obtained from phishing attacks or credential-stealing malware) and cannot detect any malicious activity by rogue insiders
  • Network tools like IPS and endpoint security controls fail to detect the anomalous activity of bad actors once they’re inside as they appear to be authorized users
  • Network traffic analysis (NTA) products, including those using AI, detect anomalous behavior but lack the context of knowing what malicious behaviors to look for, generating low-fidelity, probabilistic alerts
Lastline Network Defender provides context-aware network visibility by building behavior models for your assets and users, to ensure detection of unauthorized access from inside or outside your network. It applies AI to the anomalous network traffic detected by our network sensors and malicious behavior detected by our market-leading sandbox.
This unique combination of AI learning from both anomalous network traffic and malicious behavior provides high-fidelity detection of unauthorized access. It detects anomalous user and system behaviors as well as malicious behavior within your network, such as credential-stealing malware, with a higher degree of accuracy than other anomaly detection tools. Lastline Network Defender enables your security team to stop the most advanced threats from operating within your network and causing business disruption.